SeaGen for Shipping

A complete forecasting tool designed for shipping companies.

Fast calculations on vessel portfolios and associated costs are crucial in a competitive shipping market. High-quality information is key to making better commercial decisions. SeaGen provides speed, flexibility, and agility, enabling you to quickly assess potential margins and plan multiple scenarios for a competitive advantage.

Optimal decisions can be achieved through accurate planning that may take several weeks or months. Unlike spreadsheets that were never designed to handle masses of complex data, SeaGen’s performance never wavers. This cloud-based solution is a centralised data repository, providing secure accessibility from multiple devices and locations. View results in seconds with fully integrated information and models that can be easily updated, driving better commercial decisions.

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Undertaking business can be inherently complex. We deliver complex driver-based performance management systems in 90 days. Transform your reporting, forecasting, and planning processes.

Discover how we provide a seamless experience tailored to your needs and deliver exceptional results. Improve industry competitiveness with our line of expertise.

Benefits of SeaGen for Shipping


Boost your business growth using our stellar enterprise planning software. Streamline planning processes and achieve better outcomes with ease.

Features of SeaGen for Shipping



Streamline local-level budgeting, aligning it with the Group’s perspective. Discover productivity drivers and swiftly answer the “why” question without extra investigation.



Plan and track expenses, compare contracts, monitor progress, identify profitability factors, and promptly respond to changes for improved efficiency and financial performance.



Create structured reports and/or reports on the fly. Look at the data from different entities, levels and/or perspectives. Fully customizable, user-defined views.

Complexity Made Simple

Analyse key attributes and industry metrics, integrate data with CMS for seamless two-way integration, calculate key metrics, and apply them to different scenarios for maximum flexibility and insights.

Dynamic and Intelligent

Customise dashboards and reports with multi-dimensional views and drill-down options. Geographically view portfolio by contract, vessel type, and load type. Connect to data for real-time visibility of adjustments and amendments.

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Treasury Management

SeaGen links to your TMS to collate all debt-related data in a single environment. Report on debt from asset type down to vessel reg. Carry out complex cash forecasting and scenario planning.

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