WooCommerce Integration

For small and medium-sized businesses (SMB/SME) in the digital age to thrive, you need a 360-degree visibility of your business in order to deliver the service your customers demand. Workato provides integrations for WooCommerce with widely used cloud ERP systems such as Oracle NetSuite, and SAP.

WooCommerce Integration

Workato Features for WooCommerce

Automate Order-to-Cash Process

Stay Updated on Orders

Thanks to Workato’s integration-led automation, whenever a new order is created in WooCommerce, the same process occurs in your ERP or CRM systems. This entry is also created in real-time on Salesforce if it is integrated.

Escalate Client Issues

Create Loyal Customers

By using Workato to integrate WooCommerce with popular marketing automation platforms such as Marketo and Hubspot, you create repeat business through upsells, cross sells, repurchases and subscription orders.

Centralise Databases

Real-Time View
of Customers

Connect WooCommerce with a cloud ERP system such as Oracle NetSuit, or a CRM system such as Salesforce. This will deliver an unprecedented, real-time view of your customers which allows you to make strategic decisions on the fly.

Improve Customer Lifetime

Provide Stellar Customer Service

Automating components in customer support has greatly enhanced the delivery of this service in the digital age. To benefit fully from this, you can integrate WooCommerce with platforms such as Zendesk and ServiceNow.

Workato benefits for WooCommerce

Integrate different apps
Integrate disparate systems
Get unprecedented, real-time view of customers
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
Respond to changing consumer demands
Financial Data
Unlock insights & make informed decisions
Enable automation on scale

WooCommerce Integration

Do Everything in One Place

Customise your WooCommerce integration

Give your business the extra edge and enable automation with Workato’s WooCommerce integration.

WooCommerce Integration is available for over 1000 apps

Instantly connect WooCommerce with thousands of applications – cutting across various departments.

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