Oracle NetSuite for Construction Businesses

Recognise revenue for multiple projects at any given time in a single integrated cloud platform.

Shearwater Taiwan’s construction bundle is a suite of solutions that are tailored specifically to address the unique needs of businesses in the construction industry.

The construction business consists of a set of highly complex and unique business processes. Carefully monitoring projects through real-time data helps construction businesses avoid cost overruns and complete projects on time.

The construction bundle offered by Shearwater Taiwan complements the features offered by the Oracle NetSuite cloud ERP system, and seamlessly integrates other key features and processes that businesses in the construction industry need. The Shearwater Taiwan Construction Bundle is a one-stop solutions provider for businesses in the construction industry.


Our cloud ERP solution helps businesses automate key financial processes and unlock critical insights key to strategic decision-making.

Features of Shearwater Taiwan Construction Bundle

Material Job Costing

Keep track of all the costs from each project and enable real-time analysis of estimation. This feature manages project budget by detailing breakdowns of costs into several categories. Monitor project completion with ease and ensure cost overruns are minimised.

Revenue Recognition

Calculate revenue recognised based on the project completion percentage to date. Each time the revenue is recognised, it will be recorded in the company’s ledger, enabling the companies to keep track of all the revenue recognised to date.

Project Management

Track resource allocation, work breakdown structure, earned value, time, expense, and transactions. Monitor budgets, estimates, bookings, work in progress, percentage complete, billing milestones, and actual costs to manage multiple projects.

Project Budget Management

Maintain a project record and ensure no disparity between projected costs and actual revenues with features like transaction tracking. Oracle Netsuite equips you with an integrated cloud solution that compiles projections for future projects and increases the accuracy of projections and profit targets.

Retention Management: Retention Release

Manage the decided retention amount’s held-back and releasing process. Tracking amounts held back during the contract is easy by recording the retention amount in the company ledger. The retention amount will be claimed and released after work or for a period.

Work In Progress

Keep a close eye on the financial health of each project in relation to its progress. The report analyses the project’s progression in terms of over-billing and under-billing by keeping track of every aspect of the project in relation to its costs.

Handle Multiple Project Billing, and Revenue Recognition on a Larger Scale

Gain visibility over every project. For construction companies, having systems with limitations is costly. This feature allows construction businesses to calculate revenue recognition, handle retention management, and mass billing for multiple projects.

Profit Loss Report

The profit-and-loss report included in PointStar Consulting’s construction package enables construction companies to assess their financial health. Get an in-depth summary of business expenses for management to spot trends and make critical business decisions.

Work Breakdown Structure

Oracle NetSuite provides you with a work breakdown structure that is defined down to the required level of granularity and links to the transaction, allowing you to have improved visibility over your construction project.


Once each project milestone is achieved, the billing process is automated. In the construction industry, milestones indicate a project’s start or end date, external reviews or input, budget checks, major deliverable submissions, and so on. 

Resource Allocation

Following the process of reserving or allocating resources for the construction of a project, the project manager can integrate into the Resource Allocation module of Oracle NetSuite to decide whether the resource should be assigned to a particular task.

Benefits of Oracle NetSuite for
Construction Businesses

Why Choose Shearwater Taiwan

Shearwater Taiwan is your trusted, Chinese, English, Korean, and French consulting partner for implementing cloud technologies in your Asian business. Our multilingual team (Japanese) offers top-notch customer support to resolve any issues and provide actionable solutions promptly.

Our experienced consultants have a proven track record of over 200 successful financial planning and analysis implementations, providing tailored solutions to meet clients’ specific needs and objectives. 


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